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Cash 4 Books will run 5th June - 18th August. 

How it works:

  1. Search the list below to see if your textbook is eligible.

  2. Bring your textbook in store. We are located in Campbell Place, just down from the UQ Shop at the St Lucia campus.

We will pay up to 40%* of the RRP and pay you instant cash.

We offer the best price on campus guaranteed.


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9780199763641 Chafe A History of Our Time 8th 2011
9780170253703 Cunningham, et al Accounting: Information for Business Decisions 2nd 2015
9781107600003 Devetak, Richard An Introduction to International Relations 2nd 2012
9780190210847 Lavenda Anthropology 3rd 2014
9781292041636 Bauman - Waengler Articulatory & Phonological Impairments A Clinical Focus International Edition 4th 2013
9781442559455 Singleton Australian Political Institutions 10th 2012
9780195525656 Gabrielle Appleby Australian Public Law 2nd 2014
9781743317310 Christos Tsiolkas Barracuda 1st 2013
9781305266728 Stewart Calculus, International Metric Edition 8th 2015
9781486007042 Reece et al Campbell Biology: Australian and New Zealand edition 10E 10th 2014
9780730311058 Blackman Chemistry 3rd 2015
9780195588026 Chalkley et al Communication, Digital Media and Everyday Life 2nd 2015
9780170372909 Mohan et al COMU1030 Communication Skills (CP1051) 2nd 2015
9781292023083 Hewitt Conceptual Integrated Science: Pearson New International Edition (2e) 2nd 2013
9780273732198 Neville / Brooks Concrete Technology 2nd 2011
9787513807319 Wu Zhongwei Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) Vol. 2 - Textbook (English and Chinese Edition) 1st rev 2014
9787513806176 Zhongwei Wu Contemporary Chinese -- Textbook 1 Revised edition 1st rev 2014
9780195520125 Rob White & Santina Perrone Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice 2nd 2015
9781740910965 Carter Dispossession Dreams And Diversity: Issues In Contemporary Australian Studies 1st 2006
9781292002972 Michael Todaro and Smith Steph Economic Development 12th 2014
9780134018973 Roger LeRoy Miller Economics of Public Issues 19th 2015
9781743070130 Bray, Waring, Cooper, Macneil Employment Relations: Theory & Practice 3rd 2014
9780415661898 Hannigan , J Environmental Sociology 1st 2014
9781292074610 Knut Sydsaeter & Peter Hammond Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis New Ed 2016
9781292089034 Paula Yurkanis Bruice Essential Organic Chemistry Global Edition 3rd 2015
9781111298173 Pojman & Fieser Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong 7th 2011
9780393937930 Bergstrom Dugatkin Evolution 2nd 2015
9780730313748 Carlon Financial Accounting: Reporting, Analysis and Decision Making 5e 5th 2015
9780409336931 Webb & Stephenson Focus Land Law 4th 2015
9781292097619 Elmasri, Ramez et al Fundamentals of Database Systems, Global Edition 7th 2015
9781449635961 Daniel L. Hartl & Maryellen Ruvolo Genetics 8th rev 2011
9780078112911 Hill Charles Global Business Today 9th 2015
9781469890685 Anne Agur Grant's Atlas of Anatomy 14th 2016
9781137029966 Bhattacharya Health Economics 1st 2013
9780194541268 Lightbown & Spada How Languages Are Learned 4th 2013
9781925266917 Roslyn Petelin How Writing Works 1st 2016
9781133951193 Mary Beth Mandich and Anne Cro Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan 2nd 2015
9780073524214 Hickman, Jr., Cleveland et al Integrated Principles of Zoology 16th 2013
9781446285916 Shuang Liu & Zala Volcic & Cin Introducing Intercultural Communication: Global 2nd 2014
9780521617413 Riemer Introducing Semantics 1st 2010
9780415550062 Meyerhoff, Miriam Introducing Sociolinguistics 2nd 2011
9780470665930 Kirstin Franklin Eta. al. Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences 1st 2010
9781292027616 Palladino Thieman Introduction to Biotechnology Pearson International Edition 3rd 2013
9780470128718 Nino Introduction To Programming & Object Oriented Design Using Java 3rd 2008
9780730344827 James James (AUCM) Business Law (AU) 4E Custom F/UQ 4th 2016
9781451191561 Oatis Kinesiology 3rd 2016
9781107578692 Mary Kalantzis Literacies 2nd 2016
9780195521160 Gordon Winch & Rosemary Ross-J Literacy, Reading, Writing and Childrens Literature 5th 2014
9781741754391 Jose Nicholas Ed Goldsworthy H Macquarie Pen Anthology Of Australian Literature 1st 2009
9781442559516 Blanchard, Sheen Macroeconomics 4th 2013
9781292000459 Williamson Macroeconomics, International Ed. 5th 2013
9780170222433 Cleak & Wilson Making the Most of Field Placement 3rd 2012
9781446267691 Carah & Louw Media & Society : Production Content & Participation 1st 2015
9780323072007 Duffy Motor Speech Disorders: Substrates, Differential Diagnosis, and Management 3rd 2013
9780078029042 Crawford New Products Management 11th edition 11th 2014
9781455728596 Todd Vanderah Nolte's The Human Brain: An Introduction to its Functinal Anatomy 7th 2015
9780323169257 Jane Case-Smith & Jane Clifford O'Brien Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents 7th rev 2014
9781488609329 Robbins, Judge, Millett Organisational Behaviour 8th 2016
9781292157429 Randall D. Knight Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics 4th rev 2016
9781921723100 Michael Bulmer Portable Introduction to data Analysis NEW REVISED EDITION 2013 5th 2013
9780470626733 Hill, R. Carter Principles of Econometrics 4E 4th 2010
9780730301837 Hill Principles of Econometrics 4E + Eviews Handbook 4E 4th 2011
9781292021539 John Winter Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology PNIE 2nd 2013
9781486006786 Lilienfeld Scott O., Lynn Stev Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding 2nd 2014
9781111318307 Cara & Macrae Psychosocial Occupational Therapy 3rd 2012
9780078021688 Rosen Public Finance 10th 2013
9780300174472 Keith Wrightson Ralph Tailor's Summer; A Scrivener, His City and the Plague 1st 2011
9780702053627 Rang, Ritter, Flower et al Rang & Dale's Pharmacology 8th 2015
9780521698528 Jact Reading Greek; Grammar and Exercises 2nd 2007
9780521698511 Jact Reading Greek; Text and Vocabulary 2nd 2007
9781442538450 Warner, Foster & Kilpatrick Reinforced Concrete Basics 2nd 2010
9788484436621 Flumian et al Rond Point Nouveau 1 / A1-A2 Cahier exercises + CD 1st 2012
9788484436614 Flumian et al Rond Point Nouveau 1 / A1-A2 Livre eleve + CD 1st 2012
9788484436966 Flumian Rond Point Nouveau 2 / B1 Cahier exercices + CD audio 1st 2012
9788484436959 Flumian Rond Point Nouveau 2 / B1 Livre eleve + CD 1st 2012
9780140448054 Petronius Satyricon CLA 1st 2011
9780195520149 Germov, John Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology 5th 2013
9781421413006 Annemarie Jutel, Kevin Dew Social Issues in Diagnosis: An Introduction for Students and Clinicians 1st 2014
9780195526868 McClelland, Alison Social Policy in Australia 3rd 2014
9781107451988 Dyson Plunkett & McCluskey Success in Professional Experience: Building Relationships 1st 2015
9781138782310 John Tribe The Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism 5th 2015
9781444330366 Gullan & Cranston The Insects; An Outline of Entomology 4th 2010
9781760111236 Wood, Charlotte The Natural Way of Things 1st 2015
9780199760251 William H. Chafe The Unfinished Journey 7th 2010
9789814595292 Cengel Thermodynamics SI 8th 2014
9781464138744 John Grotzinger Understanding Earth 7th 2014
9781107477469 Ferfolja/Jones Diaz/Ullma Understanding Sociological Theory 1st 2015
9780199964154 Thomas J Bernard Jeffrey B Snipes & Alexander L Gerould & Vold Vold's Theoretical Criminology 7th 2015
9780195522280 Harms, Louise Working with People : Communication Skills for Reflective Practice 2nd 2015
9780072974966 Tohsaku Yookoso Continuing With Contemporary Japanese Student Edition With Online Learning Center Bind-in Card 3rd 2006
9780072493399 Tohsaku Yookoso Continuing With Contemporary Japanese Workbook/labmanual 3rd 2006
9780072493023 Tohsaku Yookoso!: An Invitation To Contemporary Japanese, Workbook/lab Manual 3rd 2006
9780072971200 Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku, Yookoso: Invitation To Contemporary Japanese (3rd Revised Edition) With Olc Bind In Code 3rd 2006


Cash 4 Books runs for a limited time only. Management have the right to end the campaign earlier without any prior notice. The Cash 4 Books buyback book list will be updated on a regular basis, however we reserve the right to refuse books which may still be listed online once we have reached our buyback capacity. The payout amount is determined based on the condition of the textbook, with a maximum payout of up to 40% off the RRP. The final payout amount is determined by Secondhand Texts & Stationery management which is judged based on the condition of the textbook.